My First Time in New York Fashion Week

How come a person that knows nothing about fashion ends up covering the New York Fashion Week? That’s what I told myself the very first time I covered a runway.

It was a freezing night of February 2018 when one of my dreams came true. You know, one of those dreams you never knew you had until it is before your eyes.

I still remember to wonder: how come these people don’t mind the cold and they’re still rocking those amazing outfits? Amateur thoughts.

I never pictured myself attending one of the biggest fashion shows in the world; and even though I’ve never had a great sense of fashion, I’m certainly on my way to learn and feel more comfortable with it thanks to this incredible experience.

NYFW, February 2018.

The first time I covered a catwalk it was for Latina Cool magazine. I saw the creations of Light and Shadow Global Fashion Design (China), Tishart by Shivani (India), and House of Byfield (Netherlands).

Since the very beginning, my heart and soul were captivated by seeing all those vibrant colors, exquisite fabrics and engaging music become one; a feeling that made me realize that I was in the right place, at the right time.

In September 2018, I had my second coverage where I also received my first hairstyling from TRESemmé and celebrity stylist, Marco Peña.

Fashion show + hairstyling + a photoshoot? I truly was living the fashion dream in New York!

The following year I got to cover two more shows, now for Siempre Mujer magazine, and I have to say: every show that I’ve covered it’s always been a weather struggle because #NewYork. I mean, most of the fashion shows take place in days with awful weather. Not all, of course, but most of them. In my experience you are either freezing or getting rain poured on.

Sherri Hill, September 2019.

The intense rain that caught me one night right before a show didn’t stop me from arriving on time and enjoying all of it; and because it was one of my favorite brands, I wasn’t going to miss it for sure.

What’s going to happen with NYFW this season?

As we all know, crowded events are forbidden. So, now that we are approaching one of the busiest months for New York Fashion Week, what’s going to happen?

NYFW The Shows has informed that the shows will take place live at Spring Studios from September 13 – 17 and, in order to adhere to the latest official health and safety guidelines, it will broadcast online at

In this way, more people will have more access to the shows; so, if you are interested in watching any of them, simply go to, or follow them on social media for updates.

With this format, I guess finally a lot of people won’t have to neither wait in the cold or rain nor struggle to get their spot.

Would you like to see a fashion show online?

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